Project Plan Template for Google Sheets v3 x

I needed a Project Plan Template that worked in Google Sheets. While I found several, none of them provided the functionality I needed. So what’s an old school programmer to do? Built it myself! This video will walk you through the functionality. You can find the template here:

August 17, 2017 Update: Google slightly adjusted the steps to enable the scripts that make this work. Check out this updated video on how to enable the scripts.

August 24, 2017 Update: Several people have asked me how to manipulate and/or expand the Gantt Chart. Even though I went over this in the original video, I thought the volume of questions warranted a video dedicated specifically to modifying the Gantt Chart settings and adding columns, or expanding the chart.

September 27, 2017 Update: Check out version 5.0. I added the ability to choose the workdays so that it can support countries that have weekends that are something other than Saturday and Sunday.. It is on the Preferences tab. You can also select either Sunday or Monday for the 1st day of the work week. Lastly, I added a Holiday_Calendar tab so that you can enter additional specific non-working days.