Planning on making your own battery pack? DIY guide / tutorial • 18650 cells Electric Bike

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This video was recorded at eMax-eBikes Australia
Find below a list of all items with links for the websites
All battery accessories you can find at Battery Supports:
Battery spacers, cell holders, separators =
Silicone wire =
Heat resistant insulating adhesive tape =
Adhesive Insulator Paper =
80x Battery insulators paper adhesive =
They also sell extremely powerful BMS (up to 150A), they have:
10s 36v =
13s 48v =
14s 52v = you have to email them and request it

BMS in this video is from BestTech Power they have too many options to list here.

You can also get BMS on Aliexpress:
14s 30A BMS =,searchweb201602_1_10017_10005_10006_10034_10021_507_10022_10020_10018_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=195f43c8-6994-4cd2-9854-33abfbce7d48
14s 150A BMS =,searchweb201602_1_10017_10005_10006_10034_10021_507_10022_10020_10018_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=195f43c8-6994-4cd2-9854-33abfbce7d48
10s 36v BMS =

Have fun shopping… don’t forget the FIRE EXTINGUISHER and protective glasses!


Playlist with more battery videos:

My Fast Electric Bicycle setup:

•Bafang BBSHD 1000w 48v (1455watts peak)
•Custom controller settings with 100% throttle enabled at PAS-0 and no speed limit (unloaded wheel spinning at 102kmh with 46T)
•46 tooth chainring (74.1km/h top speed on flat)
•189 RPM at 58.8v (factory settings 160 RPM maximum)
•4.8kg motor

•Homemade 14s 5p 58.8v 14.5Ah battery pack capacity
•1,5 hours 57.1v fast charge (6A 350w charger set at 57.8v)
•2,5 hours 58.8v charge (6A 350w charger set at 59.2v)
•3.65kg battery pack transported inside my backpack connected to the bike with XT90-S high discharge anti-spark connector.
•70x NCR18650PF Panasonic High Current cells
•Waterproof “bare cells” pack style for better cooling
•No BMS for 100% charge (4.2v per cell) = 100% performance!!
•Range (with BBS02 motor): +/-26km in the city / 36km continuous full throttle with only few stops

•V3 Cycle Analyst with with 1.00m ohms shunt
•Bafang C965 5 buttons display
•15 watts LED headlight
•Waterproof red LED voltmeter to monitor battery sag and performance during the ride.

Throttle / Brake Sensor:
•Left thumb throttle (connected to the BBSHD controller) adapted to road bike handlebar, set up between the brake lever and the bar (almost invisible) mounted on a copper T-joint (used for plumbing, same thickness as the handlebar) the long bit cut in half riveted to the bar with the other bit sticking out enough to mount the throttle.
•Magnetic cut-off sensor in line connected to my mechanical rear brakes

•9kg Trek Road Bike
•Easton (rear) Shimano (front) performance 700c racing wheels with aerodynamic flat spokes
•Mechanical brakes