PERT and CPM – 1 For Beginners – Basics – 1 – Activity

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Network Diagram Representation
In a network representation of a project certain definitions are used.

1. Activity
Any individual operation which utilizes resources and has an end and a beginning is called activity. An arrow is commonly used to represent an activity with its head indicating the direction of progress in the project. These are classified into four categories

1. Predecessor activity – Activities that must be completed immediately prior to the start of another activity are called predecessor activities.

2. Successor activity – Activities that cannot be started until one or more of other activities are completed but immediately succeed them are called successor activities.

3. Concurrent activity – Activities which can be accomplished concurrently are known as concurrent activities. It may be noted that an activity can be a predecessor or a successor to an event or it may be concurrent with one or more of other activities.

4. Dummy activity – An activity which does not consume any kind of resource but merely depicts the technological dependence is called a dummy activity.

The dummy activity is inserted in the network to clarify the activity pattern in the following two situations
 To make activities with common starting and finishing points distinguishable
 To identify and maintain the proper precedence relationship between activities that is not connected by events.

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