Lifehacking Self Control #2 the habit gamification App takes all the features that make social media so addictive and distracting and instead puts them them to work as motivational tools so you follow through on your winning habits daily.

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Topics and Resources mentioned
0:30 My very best app for outsourcing self control
2:05 a social accountability network
4:58 Brain training
5:30 Eating a coconut
5:48 Gut React: Hueristics as a Productivity Strategy
6:00 Hour 1: Empire Building
6:15 Make a Sales Call
$4100 in 50 Minutes: The Neurotransmitter Cocktail I Mix to Seduce and Profit
6:30 Meditation w/Headspace
No Alcohol
No Fab
No Snooze w/Sleep Cycle App

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