How to Use Stops and Limit Orders to Exit or Get into Trades πŸ‘

Using Stops and Limit Orders. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! This is a video for beginners. What are Stops and Limit Orders? What are Stop Limit Orders? Which Order to Use? Stop-Loss or Stop-Limit Order?

Orders: How and When to Use Them

A limit sell order: how would we use a limit sell order? If we are in a long trade (have bought into a market and expect the market to rise) and the market is going higher we can set an automated limit sell order on the trading platform to sell our trade at a certain price to crystallize our profits.

A limit buy order would be used when we have a short position (have sold the market expecting it to go lower) and we want to lock in profit by exiting the trade at a certain ‘lower’ price.
We could also use a limit order to get into a position if we want to get into a position at a certain level.

Let’s move over to Stops.
Stop Buy Order – price is going higher but we are short on the trade so we’re losing money and we want to cap our loss. So what do we do? We could use a stop loss order in this case a stop buy – the buy will be higher than our price so we will lose money unfortunately. Of course we could also use stop buy orders to get into positions.

Stop Sell Order – if we happen to be long and the market is going lower – we are losing money and if we want to exit the trade at some point to curb our loss we can use a stop sell order.

The various Limit Orders and Stop Orders are explained in this video.

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