Eat This Much app walkthrough (complete video)

Eat This Much has a lot of moving parts, so I made this video to hopefully clarify how it all works together (I’m using the app in the video, but the website works mostly the same). If you have a specific question, check out the table of contents, or send us an email at

NOTE: The app looks a bit different now compared to when I made this video, but most of the functions are about the same. We’re working on a redesign of the apps, and will likely make a new video once it’s finished!

Part 1 – Signing up, and mastering the regenerate functions
1:03 – Generating your first meal plan
1:40 – Manipulating foods and meals
2:40 – Food details and the buttons
3:55 – Personalizing recipes

Part 2 – Meal types, nutrition profiles, and recurring foods
4:20 – Meal types
5:50 – Creating nutrition profiles
6:58 – Using recurring foods, and autocompleting your diet

Part 3 – Premium account features, custom foods, and saved meal plans
8:53 – Upgrading your account
10:37 – Next meal screen
11:02 – Grocery list and Pantry
12:18 – Weekly layout
13:03 – Custom foods / recipes
13:35 – Saving single meal plans
13:48 – Account info, results, etc.