Good day folks, my name is Vesperion and today i want to introducing you about the project
Smartest social, cross trading platform and performance tool in one platform.

This amazing platform will made your crypto trading activity much easier than before.
The platform will give you a clear view to all of your crypto assets from multiple wallet.

Watson is IBM artificial intelligence on platform and Watson will alert you when there is opportunities that might come up on a specific exchange regarding your strategic profile.
And the social monitoring by Blackfolio platform will alert you when there is viral informations regarding cryptocurrencies like which coin to focus for a hype, or to be careful on a loss of interest.
Not only that, you can follow or rent your strategies and performances with sharing informations by private or public with other traders on the platform.

ICO is on and the FIXED RATE is 1 ETH = $800 = 20.000 Black token.
Softcap : 900 ETH, Hardcap : 15.900 ETH with minimum buy is 0.1 eth.

Still enough time to join one of promising ico in 2018, project, a social cross-trading platform augmented by Artificial Intelligence.

Visit the official Blackfolio project to check The Whitepaper, Project Roadmap and meet the Professionals behind of this awesome project: