Black Desert Online – New Player Blitz – Basic Foundation Money

Fishing and Farming + Imperial is by far some of the easiest things to get started in Black Desert and gives you decent cash with little to no reliance upon anything other than self input

A total of 150 CP should yield a connection to Grana to Velia and 10 10-slot farms for your money growing adventures with still some left over CP to place into storage/lodging for workers and the like. But very little requirements upon anything.

I highly suggest just getting the hang of these 3 basic things with what I’ve suggested as a strategy to get yourself started following under the assumption that you have little to no resources of any type.

Cooking/Alchemy Tool 100 dura can be bought at General Vendor or the Chefs in Inns at towns.

Library Resources I find very useful: (na user: Famme created this all credits and gratitude go to them)
bdocodex/bddatabase I use as a resource for items and recipe things that aren’t accessed properly in the Crafting Notes in the game and for knowledge progressing.

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